Use The Power of Gratitude


You’re Grateful to Help The World.


A world without poverty.


A world of equal opportunities for all.


With your knowledge, skills and power, you want to improve the world. Many think and act just like you. You are not alone. But improving the world is not easy.

A helping hand in the right direction can be enough to take the right path. Sometimes you doubt the intentions of others who offer help. That is understandable. But in the end, it’s all about achieving the goal.


A better world with equal opportunities for people and nature.


Contributing to a better world, can be done in different ways. One is to support charities.

Money is needed to enable charitable aid projects. That is the reality we are dealing with.

We share your sincere concerns and are happy to help you in the right direction.


Grateful to Help.


We have a gift for you.

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Minergames gives you the opportunity to make the world a better place. By winning a Quiz Game, you support charities with a Million Dollars. As the Winner you will also receive the same amount. There is always a winner.

Are you curious how it exactly works?


Minergames BV (I.O)


Minergames BV, is a start-up company. Minergames BV, develops and publishes online games. Minergames BV has been initiated and facilitated by non-profit organization Stichting ODINS in The Netherlands. Minergames BV supports qualified charity organizations with donations of one million dollars. Minergames BV also offers internships to job seekers, with a disadvantage on the job market.

Non-Profit organisation Stichting ODINS, initiates and facilitates promising start-ups that support charities and job seekers.


Your New Opportunity Ticket!


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